What to Do if Lustig, Glaser & Wilson Violates its Debt-Collection Settlement with the Massachusetts Attorney General?

Lustig Glaser & Wilson Debt CollectorAs we explained in another article, the Massachusetts debt-collection law firm Lustig, Glaser & Wilson entered into a $1 million settlement agreement  to resolve the Massachusetts Attorney’s lawsuit that it committed unfair and deceptive acts and practices against consumers. Lustig, Glaser & Wilson allegedly sued thousands of Massachusetts residents without proper documentation, and then used false threats of court action to coerce payments from the elderly, the disabled, and the impoverished.

But if you feel you’ve been unfairly or deceptively by Lustig, Glaser & Wilson, how does this affect you? And what can you do to get help?

The settlement is great from a big-picture perspective, but it doesn’t necessarily help individual consumers in their particular cases. For example, Lustig, Glaser & Wilson must keep records of its compliance for inspection by the Attorney General, including complaints from consumers, and the documents it reviews when responding to consumer complaints. It must also notify the Attorney General if its corporate structure or ownership changes. And, Lustig, Glaser & Wilson also has to designate a “compliance officer” for three years to deal with inquiries from the Attorney General about consumers’ complaints.

If you’re an individual consumer, though, there are two things you can do if think Lustig, Glaser & Wilson (or any debt collector or debt-collection law firm) has violated your rights.

First, you can submit a complaint to the Massachusetts Attorney General through its Consumer Advocacy and Response Division. The website is here: Submit a Complaint to the Massachusetts Attorney General. They will try to resolve your issue, but they do not represent individual consumers in court.

And second, you can contact an attorney. Culik Law has handled many cases involving Lustig, Glaser & Wilson, as well as most other major debt collectors in Massachusetts. If they violated any of the many consumer-protection laws and regulations, such as the Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or the Massachusetts Debt Collection Practices Act, you may be entitled to damages, costs, and attorney’s fees.

For the record, Lustig, Glaser & Wilson denies all the Attorney General’s allegations, and although the settlement is in the form of a court judgment, it does not establish legal liability for any violations.

If you’ve been contacted by a debt collector or a debt-collection law firm, call or email us at Culik Law to see if we can help.

Josef Culik

Josef Culik

Attorney Joe Culik has built his reputation on helping people and has dedicated his practice in Boston, Massachusetts to consumer protection, employee rights, and individual personal injury. Joe believes in standing up against bullies and entities who disregard the rights of the individual. He has a record of litigating aggressively for his clients’ rights and to obtain the best possible outcome. He has advocated for individuals against some of the largest companies in America and has a passion for helping people uphold their rights against impossible odds. He has filed both individual and class-action lawsuits against most of the major banks, against some of the biggest debt collectors and credit reporting agencies, as well as insurance companies and corporate employers. Contact Joe