What Should You Do If You Are Sued by Ratchford Law Group?

Ratchford Law Group Debt Collection

Ratchford Law Group is a debt-collection law firm located in a number of states, including Massachusetts. Their services, according to their statements, include collecting directly from consumers (telephonic and written communications), recovering judgments, settlement, and litigation.

In particular, Ratchford Law Group appear to litigate on behalf creditors and debt collectors. This generally means that they file lawsuits in the courts of, among other places, Massachusetts, against consumers. The lawsuits may be related to credit cards, loans, or even student loans. Because it is collecting on behalf of third parties, Ratchford Law Group itself qualifies as a “debt collector.”

When a debt collector like Ratchford Law Group files a lawsuit in the courts of Massachusetts, the initial document it files is called a “complaint,” and is usually served on the consumer by the county sheriff. The sheriff hand-delivers the complaint, typically leaving it at the consumer’s home. This is when the clock starts running.

Under Massachusetts debt-collection laws and court rules, a consumer has only 20 days to file an answer to the complaint with the court. This is measured from the date that it is left at the consumer’s home, not the date he or she actually becomes aware of it.

If Ratchford Law Group has sued a Massachusetts consumer in a debt-collection lawsuit, and the consumer thinks he or she might have a defense – or, might just want to try to settle the case – then the response to the complaint, called the “answer,” needs to be filed in a timely manner.

This is where Culik Law comes in. We have litigated against the Ratchford Law Group in Massachusetts. Our track record in litigating debt-collection cases is excellent – we have filed class actions against some of the country’s largest debt collectors, we have obtained outright dismissals of debt collection cases based on lack of ownership of debts, and we have uncovered violations of state and federal debt-collection laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, called Chapter 93A.

If you have been sued by Ratchford Law Group, contact Culik Law for a case evaluation to see whether we can help you champion your rights and ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome. 



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